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What I appreciate most about the coaching I get from Wanzel is how grounded and practical it is.  He combines his understanding of the science behind what he is coaching, with the everyday reality of how to create positive change.  He holds you accountable too - which I needed and appreciated!

Daniel J. Porter; best selling author, motivational speaker and leadership consultant 

Wanzel is more than a coach, he is a co-pilot to his clients.  He helps us determine the optimum destination, chart the best course, stay on track, and re-evaluate along the way.  I thought I needed a coach to find the right answers.  I actually need a co-pilot like Wanzel to help me find the right questions first… and to fly straight and true.

Adam Mahmud

A coaching session with Wanzel entails much more than professional problem solving. Wanzel has a knack for enabling me to clearly articulate the dream I’m chasing, then helps me to remove any roadblocks preventing me from getting there. He holds me accountable to put in my best work and show up as my authentic self every day, and ultimately align my intentions to achieve the end goal.

Kelly Hall, Vice President Business Development

Wanzel has coached me on my Small Business Strategy.  The thing that I
liked most is that he took the time to understand why I started my
business.  Understanding my personal motivation to make my business
work was instrumental in how he decided to coach me.

Roger Sherman, Pitmaster and BBQ Chef

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